Introduction of People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Nationality Autonomous County
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Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's HospitalThe establishment dates back toIn 1926, French missionary Xie Chunai established a Catholic church to carry out Western medicine treatment。The county Health Center was established in 1944, and was officially renamed the County People's Hospital in December 1956。After more than 70 years of development, the hospital inIn February 2018, it became a Class II general hospital integrating medical treatment, health care and disease preventionIt's the West China Hospital of Sichuan UniversityChimeric medical conjunctivitisPrecision poverty alleviation units and remote network hospitals, is the West China Clinical Medical College of Sichuan University/ Student Club Practice Base of West China Hospital;是Zhejiang Shaoxing health system, Emishan health system, Zigong Fourth People's Hospitalpairing assistance (a national strategy in China for one province or a major city to provide assistance to a designated region in need of help)单位。

I. Basic information

The current staff of the hospital407People (including the staff of our hospital157人(County people's Hospital128人,Hospital of Chinese medicine29), temporary employment239People, three supports, one support1People, rehire3 people, transfer and study with 8 people)Health technician360Senior title37 people, intermediate title58人。执师67People, support18People;Nurse181Persons (including temporary employment)。Graduate student1 person, bachelor degree162Junior college195College, technical secondary school or below50人。Hospital footprint40 acres, total building area3.14Ten thousand square meters。Establishment bed200, open beds235张。目前Outpatient department opened内科Specialist clinicSurgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Oral, facial features, skin, Rehabilitation, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Radiology,CT, examination, gastroenteroscopy, ultrasound, electrocardiogramChronic disease expert workstation, one-stop service center, wound stomy clinicAnd other departments;Inpatient department currently开设Two departments in the interior, General surgery, Orthopedics, obstetrics and Gynecology and anesthesiology。Can carry out general surgery, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, obstetrics surgery。

2. Party building in public hospitals leads business development

According to the party building requirements of public hospitals, hospital party organizationsSuccessively upgraded to the general Party branch, Party committee, hospital party organizationDepartment of internal medicineBranch, Surgical branch, Chinese MedicineBranch, administrative logistics支部Four branches, number of party members70 people (including 8 probationary party members)。Hospital party committee始终坚持"Political construction,Ideological construction, organizational construction, institutional construction and cultural constructionFor the gripper,Party building leads hospital development and party spirit standardizes medical behavior"The idea of workLet party building work and hospital center work resonate with the same frequencyFulfill the responsibilities of party buildingWe will do a good job in team buildingLead the party members wellImprove working methodsUse party building work to ignite the red engine of hospital developmentAt the same time, with the county to build the party building brand of the east wind, actively cultivate打造37°C hospital"Party building characteristic brand,“一个中心,三个提升,九大目标”为品牌核心,认真贯彻习总书记提出“孺子牛、拓荒牛、老黄牛”精神 、和谐医患关系、提升医学生命温度、增强医院综合服务能力、Strive to build a hospital satisfied with the massesWe will promote reform and high-quality development of public hospitals。

Third, features and highlights

(一)We will implement targeted poverty alleviation and boost the work of providing assistance to counterparts2016年4月In the provincial party committee, the provincial government andThe Provincial Discipline Inspection Commission and the Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission关系Coordinated under Sichuan University West China Hospitalcoresident26 medical and management experts"Management + Professional" combinationThe mode ofCarry out the work of on-site assistance and guidance2018年1月In order to implement the matching support of Sichuan Provincial Health and Family Planning Commission"Pass along" project, Zigong City Fourth People's Hospital, Leshan City People's Hospital, Emei City health system expertsArrive in batchesOur hospital carries out fixed-point help workX, 2017Eastern and western cooperation on poverty alleviationco-dispatchX medical and health experts came to our hospital to help and coordinate funds of 2 million yuan to establish a hemodialysis center, which completely ended the history of no hemodialysis in Mabian County。With the help of medical units at all levels, the business income of the county people's Hospital, the number of outpatient and emergency patients, the number of inpatients, and the number of operating tables increased from 31.33 million yuan, 80,898 people, 7,910 people, and 873 units (times) in 2016.Grow to 98.84 million yuan, 161,717 visitors, 11,899 visitors,1597台(次)。The hospital has improved its treatment service capacity, and the satisfaction of the people has been continuously improved。

(2) Take multiple measures at the same time to fill the gaps in disciplines。

In recent years, according to the development situation of the hospital and the development plan of related disciplines, the county People's Hospital has effectively improved the medical technology level and medical service ability of the hospital, focusing on orthopedics, gastroenterology, emergency medicine (critical care), nephrology (hemodialysis) and urology。自Since 2016, more than 110 new technologies and new projects have been approved and carried out。In 2017, a grade hospital was successfully established,The first three-level discipline, one department of Orthopedics, was newly established and joined the West China Orthopedics Union. In 2018, the Department of Internal Medicine was divided into the first and second departments of Internal medicine,More than 30 new beds;Learn from West China Hospital Central transport team,Establish the central transportation team of the county people's Hospital,Full-time patient transport, specimen transfer and other work;Three new disciplines (emergency comprehensive ward, intensive care unit, hemodialysis center) in 2019;In 2021, a series of disciplines such as anorectal and skin wards, chest pain, stroke center, psychiatric outpatient clinic, East-West collaboration (Yuecheng District) chronic disease expert workstation, and general surgery expert workstation will be built,One step to enhance the comprehensive strength of the hospital。

(三)With talent construction as the breakthrough point, the medical talent team is growing。

The system of training talents at different levels has achieved remarkable results。From 2019 to 2020, the passing rate of the medical qualification examination rose from 80% to 87.5%, a new high in the history of our hospital doctor qualification examination pass rate, far more than the remote ethnic areas of about 20% pass rate。Establish a reserve talent pool to train reserve management talents in a purposeful and planned way, and provide green and smooth training channels for middle-level cadres and medical backbones, including specialist training, appropriate technology learning, special technical training, short-term visits and studies for business backbones, and special training for outstanding resident doctors。This multi-level and multi-form talent training helps the local construction of a medical talent team that ADAPTS to the needs, has a reasonable structure and cannot be taken away, and lays a solid foundation for the sustainable development of the hospital。

(4) The first in West China and the first in MabianThe "chimeric medical combination" model falls into blossom。

In June 2019, Sichuan University West China Hospital and the People's Government of Mabian Yi Autonomous County established the Framework Cooperation Agreement on Building chimeric Medical Association.。Keep the county People's Hospital"Six invariants and three unified sharing" (i.e.The public welfare nature and basic functional orientation of the Mabian County hospital government remain unchanged, the administrative affiliation relationship remains unchanged, the legal entity remains unchanged, the asset ownership relationship (including creditor's rights and debts) remains unchanged, the identity of employees remains unchanged, and the financial investment and related supporting policies remain unchangedInformation unification and sharing, service unification and sharing, management unification and sharingThe management, experts and technical resources of West China Hospital will be embedded in Mabian County Hospital to form resources and services with different functional positioning and location distribution to support the construction of Liangshan Regional medical CenterThe combination of "online + incumbency" continues to improve the comprehensive strength of Mabian County Hospital。

2019年In November, the awarding ceremony of the Mosaic medical Union unit of Sichuan University West China Hospital and Sichuan University West China Hospital was held in Mabian, which marked the grand idea of the "Mosaic medical Union" of West China Hospital in Mabian。This initiative will make up for the shortcomings of medical and health development in ethnic minority areas from the source, find a new road for health poverty alleviation in ethnic minority areas, help Mabian high-quality poverty alleviation, and play an important role in decisively building a moderately prosperous society in all respectsThe brand advantages, technical advantages and management advantages of West China Hospital will be deeply integrated into Mabian Hospital, and efforts will be made to explore a new development model to ensure that the hospital will be able to operate in the future"Blood transfusion" can also "hematopoietic"。

Fourth, mass prevention and control to win the battle against the epidemic

As a leading medical unit in the county and a designated hospital for treating COVID-19, the county People's Hospital has undertaken the investigation of patients with fever (suspicious), diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19 cases, and diagnosis and treatment of ordinary patients under the epidemic. Through the unremitting efforts of the staff of the hospital, the hospital has achieved periodic results in the prevention and control of COVID-19。At the early stage of the epidemic, in view of the serious shortage of the original isolation wards in the hospital, it was only used with the strong support of the county Party committee, the county government and competent departments at all levels20 days to build an area of about 680 square meters, there are 18 rooms of board room isolation ward。It has provided the most basic hardware guarantee for the emergency treatment of COVID-19 cases in the county。

In March 2020, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervisory Commission directly invested 93 funds.560,000 yuan, used for the county People's Hospital negative pressure ward transformation, procurement of negative pressure ambulances and supporting medical equipment。

In order to make the location, partition, channel setting, and functional occupancy of the fever clinic in the county People's hospital meet the standards, the hospital chooses isolation wards,CT room The nearest outpatient square to build 260 square meters of board room type fever clinic, investment of nearly 500,000 yuan, in October 2020 fully completed and put into use, is the city's first to set up standardized fever clinic one of the district and county hospitals。

In November 2020, the hospital invested about 2 million yuan to build a standardized PCR laboratory in the canteen of Guangming Yuan District to officially carry out nucleic acid detection of the novel coronavirus。Built in our hospitalPCR nucleic acid testing laboratory in the functional layout, facilities, equipment in Leshan City 11 districts and counties in the ranks of high standards。In 2021, it was awarded "Advanced Collective in the Fight against COVID-19" by the Leshan Municipal People's Government of the Communist Party of China.。

V. Future development

In the future, our institute will focus on the municipal Committee"345" and "12345" development strategy of the county Party Committee,With the guidance of party building, we strive to build the party building brand image of Yi Township public hospital,Continue to do a good job in the West China Hospital of Sichuan University, the Fourth People's Hospital of Zigong City, Emishan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Zhejiang Yuecheng District and other relevant units of communication,Make sure your support specialists are available and well used,Strive to create level III hospitals during the 145th Five-Year Plan period,The standard of service ability of tertiary hospitals to make up for weaknesses, strong and weak items, and promote development,To build Liangshan and Wumeng Mountain combination zone regional medical center construction and continuous efforts。

The data is as of July 2022