Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital held the establishment of national health county work promotion and phase work deployment meeting
Author: Xia Dongqin 时间:2023-09-16 Share with friends:

In order to actively respond to the requirements of the higher department meeting, combined with the actual work of the hospital, and further promote the creation of the national health city,On the afternoon of September 12, members of the home leadership team of our hospital held a meeting on the promotion and deployment of the work of creating a national health county in the conference room on the third floor。

At the meeting, Lu Qingguo, president of the hospital, summarized the development of the pioneering health work in our hospital, affirmed the achievements achieved, put forward suggestions for improvement of the current problems, and made detailed deployment of the next stage of pioneering health work。He stresses,One is through a variety of signs, short videos and publicity boards,Guide hospital staff and patients to understand, support and participate in the creation of health care;The second is to organize the hospital staff to carry out the whole hospital cleaning,Remove sanitary dead spots;The third is to urge the implementation of the regular street shift system,Comprehensively rectify the problems of garbage cleaning, debris stacking, shops occupying the road, vehicles parking and disorderly。

Wu Chengkai, deputy president of the County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, conveyed the spirit of the county to create a national health county centralized action work deployment meeting, emphasizing the resolute implementation of the three points put forward by the county Office of pioneering health work: First, we must be highly vigilant and gather our strength with the determination to fight against the wall。The second is that we must be precise and fine, and gather our strength to overcome the difficulties and advance with the will to win。Third, we must take on the practical work, with a strict and excellent style of discipline。Call on all party members and cadres of the hospital to take the lead in the vanguard, hospital staff actively participate in the work of pioneering health, the whole hospital should work hard, twist into a rope, effectively set up responsibilities and standards, and go all out to fight and win the battle of pioneering health。