Announcement on matters related to the assessment of recruitment of extra-staff professional and technical personnel in 2023 of the People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Nationality Autonomous County
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Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital

2023Annual recruitmentSupernumerary expertise人员考核工作Announcements on relevant matters


根据Mabian Yi Autonomous County People's HospitalMeasures for the Administration of Temporary Recruitment (trial)》(马医20194,按照The provisions and procedures of the "Announcement of Recruitment of non-staff Professional and Technical Personnel of the People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Autonomous County in 2023" issued on April 25, 2023,Now transfer to our hospital2023 recruitment of part-time majorsTechnical staff assessment work relatedThe event announcement is as follows:

一、Scope of assessment

1.Full-time bachelor degree or above;

2.Full-time collegeA medical practitioner with a degree or above。

Second, assess the position

See the attachment for specific recruitment and assessment positions1:Check the list of qualified personnel for the qualification examination of registered candidates

三、Assessment work

1.Assessment time:May 23, 2023 (Tuesday) 9:00 am。

2.Assessment location:County people's Hospital outpatient Department fifth floor academic hall。

4. Job requirements

1.Candidates must arrive at the test place 30 minutes before the test, and carefully read the "Information for Interview Candidates";strict遵守Examination interviewDiscipline, obedience to command, obedience to managementDon't walk around or talk loudlycandidateThe interview is over, quickly离开The interview location,Be prohibited from...其他接触Otherwise, the assessment of the interview results will be cancelled

2.Candidates accept the work arrangement such as drawing lots before taking the exam. Those who fail to attend the interview drawing on time are not allowed to enter the exam room.Consider as abandoned。There shall be no cheating during the assessment, otherwise the qualification will be cancelled。

3.If the recruitment work involves the withdrawal of relevant personnel, they shall take the initiative to withdraw。

4.Full-time college degree candidates exam, interview related work arrangement, etc招聘信息将于After May 25thMabian Yi Autonomous County People's Hospital网站(http://2iagczp.brandonbatham.comPlease pay attention to the announcement in time。

Hereby announce


Annex 1: People's Hospital of Mabian Yi Nationality Autonomous County 20223 Recruitment of non-staff professional and technical personnel assessment candidates qualification examination List of qualified personnel (2).xls


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